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Saturday, April 29, 2017


12 Ravenscliffe Ave, Hamilton, ON circa 1908

I hope you weren't on the fence about this one before because its going to cost you a lot more to buy it today. In August 2012 W.E. Phin house was listed for a cool $1.5 million. Expect double (or more) when it comes onto the market this May (update: offered at 2,750,000). 

This eight-bedroom house was built in 1908 for W.E. Phin, whose activities included dredging the Welland Canal. He lived in the Hamilton mansion until his dying days. The current owner bought the home from his descendant Skye Phin in 1981 for $250,000.

The original features remain - the mahogany trim, the oak doors, the marble fireplaces, the white tile in the bathroom. And the basement vault that is now a wine cellar, complete with some stock from Phin’s day - even an ancient Guinness.

Three-car garages are rare even today, but W.E. Phin had one a hundred years ago, complete with basement, mechanic’s pit and hand-cranked gasoline pump (It’s still there).

The house at 12 Ravenscliffe has a pool, of course (don't all mansions:)?). And the historical cherry on top is the magnificent full-size 1922 Burroughes & Watts billiards table which is still ready for play.

Enough talk. Time for some mindless photo worshiping courtesy of the always fantastic Tom Vogel. You're welcome. Enjoy!

Hope you're not planning on replacing the windows...only 84 in this Ravenscliffe mansion

Located on Hamilton's prestigious Ravenscliffe Avenue -- reminiscent of Chestnut Park win Toronto's Rosedale neighbourhood 

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Postcard from 1922 with 12 Ravenscliffe featured in the background

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