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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Herkimer Street Terrace circa 1877

46 Herkimer Street, Hamilton, Ontario
This stunning second empire terrace house, containing 3 apartments, is FRESH on the market. So fresh that I don't even know the list price. Can you imagine converting to a grand single family home?! Check out the pictures & history below and daydream of a bygone era...



Along with the Italian influence came the French with the Second Empire buildings of the late 19th century. Particularly for residential architecture, people wanted a style that reflected their cosmopolitan tastes and, unlike today, they were willing to pay for craftsmen who would realize their architectural ambitions. This detail from James Balfour's lovely terrace house on Herkimer Street shows the kind of elaborate fretwork that was possible at the time.
The trefoil patterns in the spandrels over the doorway illustrate a Gothic influence, as does the lancet or Gothic arch, while the column capitals are verging on a Renaissance style, like that found in the French Chateaux. This is not so much an entrance as a portal.
Source: Ontario
42-46 Herkimer Street used to consist of 3 terrace homes with symmetry on both ends. Unfortunately the east-most terrace house was demolished to make way for a low rise apartment building.

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