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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


146 Aberdeen  Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario
This early 20th century Edwardian home sold last year for $504,000 after being listed  for $549,900. At the time it  was a large 5 bedroom home with great bones but it was in need of a reFRESH. And that it got!  Finished  to the nines. NOW ASKING $789,900! Check out the amazing photos below from Tom Vogel of Vogel Creative.  I love the master bathroom with the vanity facets built into the cool! One of the original features that I  am not  sure still exists, was a  built-in wall safe in one of the 2nd  floor bedrooms. Not yet on ...Click here for  iGallery tour


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Undeniably gorgeous, but I feel the market has boomed here in Hamilton. Case and point - all these listings sold for less than what the above property is listed for - all less than 3 years ago:


  1. Hi Adam,

    I did the work on this home. You will be pleased to know that the wall safe remains in the master bedroom of this home!

    Great blog.

  2. Amazing job done! Spend some $ to make some money. That wall safe was a pretty neat feature, so glad it remains. Good to have your contact info as we will need to do some work on our place at some point.

    1. It would be a pleasure to come and take a look.
      Feel free to contact me any time.

  3. For sure. We are expecting our third in a few weeks so budget mode for the next 12 months but I'm glad I have your info for when we are ready!