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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


52 Fairholt Road South, Hamilton, Ontario

First impressions are everything and this home is BRICK'N amazing! The features and overall design are absolutely jaw dropping. 

19 foot ceilings in the foyer, exposed brick walls, coiffured ceilings, cascading waterfall in the backyard, and the coolest prismatic wood-clad wall feature you have ever seen!

I was in house awe overload when I first laid eyes on this one. So much so that I didn't even think twice (or care) where this home was located. Not that it is in a bad location (nor is it the best) BUT this home emotionally hook, line and sinkers you before you can give anything else a second thought.

My advice to you is GO CRAZY when you see this place. Drool the crap over it. But make sure you take a cold shower before you make a decision. A house is a major purchase and shouldn't be done on impulse. Looks count for a lot but they don't mean everything. It may end up being just right for you but at least you'll be comforted knowing you consulted HEAD along with HEART.

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Offered at $599,000
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